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Foundation Impact: Resusci Anne Manikin

The Resusci Anne QCPR AED Full Body Manikin at work at the Leduc Community Hospital.
The Resusci Anne QCPR AED Full Body Manikin at work at the Leduc Community Hospital.

In April 2023, the Foundation funded the purchase of a Resusci Anne QCPR AED Full Body Manikin for educational use at the Leduc Community Hospital. The Anne provides real-time numeric feedback to first-time students and has created a big difference in their strive for excellence as there are clear benchmarks and data to compare from previous attempts.

So far, the educational program has focused on Anne’s direct feedback but staff is looking forward to fully utilizing the other features such as pulses, IV arm, adding stomach contents etc. This will increase the realism in their practice scenarios and the more realism the more effective the learning is.

“As facilitators we have to gain comfort with all the features to use them effectively in a teaching environment, and we look forward to adding more and more features to our teaching tool box,” says Heather Hillier, Clinical Nurse Educator.

“Utilizing the manikin has already brought a higher sense of realism to our education. Enhancing realism within medical simulations directly impacts patient care when those same/similar scenarios arise. Staff feel much more confident.”

Education is a true motivator and inspiration to the hospital staff. Having this fully functional manikin for simulations provides a huge boost in the quality of education provided. Thank you to the generous donors who have made this possible and have helped to elevate the educational services provided at the hospital.